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Do you wake up in the morning feeling anxious and alone Do you worry you can’t play sports with your kids without getting out of breath And are you sick of having no confidence and worry your kids will follow suit?

Well we can help!   With LIVE structured classes with a personal trainer of over 16 years experience who will motivate you and keep you sweating till the end. Our classes will get you feeling fitter and healthier for a happier more energised YOU.

Cant make the Live class times – No Problem we have over 700 On-Demand workouts available and new ones uploaded daily Make yourself accountable by booking onto classes and showing up, With trainer shoutouts to help you build confidence.

The best way for you to to hit your goals is to keep a track of your progress, which you can do in your account page where you can add steps, calories and record before and after pictures also how your feeling, this is the best way to maximize your results. Get your FREE E-Book today and start feeling healthier.

At home fitness programs, Online Boxing Classes

Who else rewards you for showing up and working out?

We do… Consistency is key and with our headband warrior progression ladder we reward you when you hit your 50th, 100th, 150th live class so there is no reason to fall off the ladder. 


Feel the energy in Live classes through Zoom and hundreds On-Demand. All without leaving the comfort of your home.


Get motivated with instructor shout outs and virtual high fives with other Members as you sweat together.


With LUV Fitness challenges you will Never get bored, keep track of your results in your own personal account page


Going on holiday, working away and need your LUV Fitness kick? No problem, take us with you on your phone, tablet, TV or web browser.


With LUV Fitness Classes you can use as much or as little as you have, we guarantee results.


4.9.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   75 Google Reviews

“Luv Fitness Studios is more than just a workout. Nick is more than a PT. He’s like a life coach! So inspiring & motivating. If I don’t feel like going all I have to do is listen to Nick’s Instagram story & he motivates me to get up and get to class. The classes are well structured & it’s because of these classes I reached my best body shape ever. It’s like 1-1 coaching even though there’s loads logged on the zoom. Each and everyone of us is looked after on an individual basis. In between classes it’s WhatsApp messages to see if we’re on track or need any help. Nick’s a life mentor & a bloody brilliant one at that.”



“This is the place that genuinely cares ! This is the place where you are motivated on a daily basis to get out of bed and workout in the comfort of your own home. The place where you get messages if you have lost your mojo, the place where you hear motivational talks every single day. The place where you get asked what songs you would like in the class. The place where there is such a buzz in the community group and we all have each others back. Its so much more than just a workout (and a great one at that) Its just a game changer and no other place can ever compare. Thank you Luv Fitness for making me a better and stronger person every single day.”



“Training with Nick at LuvFitness has been truly transformational for me. The value hasn’t just been physical either, though I have lost 14lbs to date and have never had this level of strength in my upper body in my life before. Doing the Live strength workouts has given me mental and emotional strength too, improving my confidence, mental clarity and motivation in my business. One of the best things is the team spirit training together gives you, I can’t recommend LuvFitness highly enough, and all from my ow living room which makes it so much easier to keep going with No travelling to the gym required. Nick is always there to give you a boost of motivation and Lou is magic behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. You couldn’t find people more passionate and committed to raising your game and their care and support is second to none. Big, big gratitude to you all!”



“Nick is the best online trainer i ever experienced.i am from Turkey and every morning ❣️ i am in his classes .his motivation and his knowledge is incomparable and unique .thank u Nick from miles away to keep us motivated and please keep rocking the fitness field”



 “Can’t recommend these sessions highly enough. I’ve been with nick for a year now and can honestly say I’ve never done the exact same workout twice. Obviously training from home there’s only so many exercises that can be done but nick mixes the training up regularly and changes the tempo of the reps to give a whole new workout. I also do the cycle sessions which again are always different. Nick is such a great guy and so motivating. Nobody before has ever told me ‘well done’ for getting up ❤️. If you struggle for time and can’t get to the gym then you really need to give these sessions a try…”


This is for people who:

Are Ready to Change their Lifestyle

That Don’t Quit at the first hurdle

Want to become the healthiest versions of themselves

Look back in six months and think WOW  “look how far I have come”

Will follow Nutrition and Fitness advice

Will commit to showing up to the classes

Will be honest with feedback forms

Want to Encourage each other

Are Ready to Help Themselves

This is NOT for people who:

Want a quick Fix

Don’t believe in the power of exercise

Find Excuses

Who put their Health Last


One Time Offer! Grab yourself all this

✅  Access to 12 Live Classes per week

✅  Over 700 On Demand workouts

✅  Access to a Private Community Group 

✅  Weekly Challenges from a Personal Trainer

✅  Rewards when you hit targets

✅  Monthly Community Meetings 

✅  Accountability from a personal trainer 

✅  Access to a support network 

✅  Structured training programs 

✅  Real time feedback about your training 

For as Little as £10 a week  

No Contract and cancel anytime PLUS We will give you a full money back guarantee if you do not feel better within 30 days 

use code 30days in the BASIC subscription and start your journey with us.

Ready to get fit

What our clients are saying...

28 weeks pregnant today and still LUVing the 6am live classes! Thanks so much to the awesome Nick Phillips for adapting the workouts so I can still train with you guys.


After 9 months of prenatal training followed by 6 weeks of recovery.. I am so glad to be back to Luv Fitness Studios! Prenatal training is totally not the same.. I have missed the training but not missed the press ups or burpees. #blowingoutofmyarse


Changed my life! Seriously! Not only do I now ENJOY exercising, I have lost weight, toned up, gained energy, and massively reduced my anxiety. It's affordable, fun, inclusive. The trainers are LOVELY people with a wealth of knowledge and the customer care is fabulous. I know I am also boosting my immune system and helping protect against many debilitating and life threatening conditions. Why would anyone NOT do this?


Our Story

We had to make a Life Changing Decision! Listen to our story and how Luv Fitness Studios evolved to help people through the pandemic and is now changing lifes in the new era of fitness!




Mandy  recommends Luv Fitness Studios.

For me, Luv is the absolute best way to start my day!
I’ve never understood the power of strength training, time under tension,and the definition it can bring to the body having mainly focussed on cardio previously; however I now not only feel stronger, but I have the definition I’ve always admired on others.
Nick is a pure motivator of the body and mind, and his ‘hacks’ and positive vibes really do get amazing results.
I do daily 6am live classes, and still access my local gym for group classes which it compliments perfectly….and if I ever miss a live, I use the on demand option to ensure I’m getting fantastic structure in my routine.
Can’t recommend Nick and Luv highly enough

Becky  recommends Luv Fitness Studios.

I’ve been training with Luv Fitness Studios for over 2 months now and the results I’ve seen have been amazing. I joined to build muscle and wow have I done that.
My husband is jealous of my shoulders.
They have cardio, spin and strong classes. Even stretching classes.
If you’re feeling tired the coaches are so full of energy they really motivate you! They correct you if you’re doing it slightly wrong which I love ❤️
I joined in the Covid pandemic so it’s perfect as I didn’t have to leave my house.
I’m not sure I need to ever again to train?!
Thank you to the team


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