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Workouts designed and refined by elite trainers that...

  • Kick-start Metabolism
  • Build Muscle to Burn Fat
  • Increase Muscle Definition


Consistency is the key to success. We keep you motivated with...

  • A Trainer in Every LIVE Work Out
  • Adjustable Workouts to Suit all Levels
  • On Demand sessions so you never miss a workout


Get amazing results in the comfort of your own home...

  • New Workouts Every Day
  • Structured programs
  • Boxing Classes 20/45 minutes
  • Shred Classes 20/45 minutes
  • Stretch and Core Classes


I joined the Hub live classes a few weeks ago and I'm blown away from the structure and intensity of their classes for such a cheap subscription. What I love the most is being able to exercise without having to travel to a gym and most of all at my own time. They have an amazing list of on demand classes and the personal trainers have years of experience and know exactly how to make every muscle of my body work! Highly recommend their classes to everyone!

With suffering from depression and anxiety I learnt over the passed year how important exercise is to me, both physically and mentally. I know I will never be a Victoria Secret model but being fit and healthy (minus my many a cheat days) is now important for me, especially when it comes to my mind. I also lack motivation so I need a PT there to push and guide me. With recent times changing and gyms closing I was worried about how life would be. Since joining HUBLive it has been the perfect combination for me. I am able to train in the comfort of my own home which is so convenient for me having three young kids and no childcare. I can find at-least one of the live classes to attend but there is also the option of demand which has so many classes on with such a variety! The live classes make you feel like your trainer is there with you, still guiding you through your sessions, making sure you are doing everything correctly. I must give a special mention to Nick and Paulina who have helped me when it comes to my work outs. They make every class a joy even though at the time you hate them!! Having medical issues with my body and carrying injuries they are keen to make sure I am doing the right thing and nothing that will cause more problems.

They are always happy to adapt any work out. I am loving being part of this virtual family

Hub live has become my saving grace in lockdown it’s enabled me to still get the same great results with a bit of improvisation with equipment.Its always had the best classes around by far very motivational the best instructors always there to reach out too to wether it be diet related or specific concerns around injuries.The hub live website is so easy to use either book your classes in advance or if you miss any watch them on demand so you never need miss any you’ll get to learn which ones become your favourite I personally love them all. There’s a saying nothing ever grows from comfort zones and for me since joining the hub gym helped me grow and fall in love with exercise again over 5 years ago and now it’s part of my daily life my routine my escape from the world and that bit of me time. For me mental health is key also as like most people these days my job is very stressful we have our own personal problems to deal with and for me hub live is the time I give myself without feeling guilty I look at it as if I’m happy my children are happy my life is good I’m getting strong I’m keeping healthy in both body and mind which is key in today’s society Thankyou guys keep up the great work .