The original raw strength session. This 20-40 minute total body blast focuses on the core compound lifts and movements to ensure that every major muscle group in your body is worked safely and thoroughly. This is strongman/strongwoman training at its absolute finest.


Fight Club eat your heart out. Our mission here is simple: Empower and Inspire. Boxing & Burn is our chance to teach you how to throw some heat to amazing beats, and our bodyweight and cardio intervals will ensure your entire body feels that burn.


This is the ultimate fat burning session. The Full-Body Shred is 20-40 minutes of high-energy, high-intensity weighted cardio with strength and conditioning intervals to ensure your heart rate stays high and you continue to burn calories for hours after the session. This is where we bring serious fun to the fire.


Weights, Bikes, Beats. Our classes are not your regular spin experience. Our full-body sessions are filled with positive, encouraging vibes, combined with a high intensity total body workout.LuvCycle is taking indoor cycling to the next level, to create the ultimate training experience for body and mind.

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