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Time to pick up the weights! With LUV Strong, we will coach you through our structured program, working on different muscle groups each day. There’s no frills with this workout, so get it done!

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Boxing Class Bury

Fight Club ain’t got s**t on us! LUV Boxing is our chance to teach you how to throw some heat to some serious beats, and our body weight and cardio intervals will ensure your entire body feels that boxing burn. All you need is the willingness to suffer and the grit to make it through. Three different Boxing classes to try - Luv Boxing & Weights, Luv Boxing & Pad work and Luv Boxing Circuit! Check out the full schedule for upcoming classes.

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Are you ready for a serious shock to the system? Break the cycle of tedious, traditional spinning classes with LUV Cycle. Our classes are not your regular spin experience. Our full-body sessions are filled with positive, encouraging vibes, combined with a high-intensity total body workout. We’re taking indoor cycling to the next level.

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The community is a huge part of Luv Fitness Studios, Check out our blog page for our latest stories.

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Luv Fitness Podcast


Speaking to entrepreneurs in the fitness, health and wellbeing industries. Sharing stories about the real life hustles

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With LIVE interactive boxing classes streamed to you at home from our Studio for the ultimate boxing workout. Want to know more?

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Get Ready To Rumble with our Stylish Boxing Gloves and Wraps

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NEW Studio Now Open in Bury

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