Fri 16th Oct 2020 by developer


At LUV Fitness Studios we focus on you, 

This is what our LUV Fitness Members get out off training and why they have joined!

6lbs down! I’m so pleased.
Eating healthy, exercised 4 out of 7 days and following the 8 week challenge pointers too.
Feeling great. Loving this community for motivation. Thank you!
Happy Monday All 😁🌟❤️💫
Wednesday Luvcycle catch up DONE!
Goodbye my trusted water bottles, sorry but you’ve been upgraded!!! 😂 Been training with these bottles (actual same ones) since May, I just weighed the 1.5lt bottle and it’s 1.5kg… reckon I’m gonna be achy tomorrow! God knows how you are all doing these classes with 8kg’s 😳
Week 2 Day.1 Luv Strong done! Sweaty mess but set up for the day now💪