Fri 16th Oct 2020 by Nick Philips


Suffering from depression and anxiety I have learnt over the passed year how important exercise is to me, both physically and mentally, I know I will never be a Victoria Secret model but being fit and healthy (minus my many cheat days) is now important for me, especially when it comes to my mind.

I also lack motivation so I need a Trainer there to push and guide me. With recent times changing and gyms closing I was worried about how life would be. 

Since joining LUV Fitness Studios it has been the perfect combination for me. I am able to train in the comfort of my own home which is so convenient having three young kids and no childcare. 

I can join in the LIVE classes when my kids are sleeping, or jump on an On Demand class when they are napping in the day.

The live classes make you feel like your trainer is there with you, guiding you throughout the session, having medical issues with my body and carrying injuries I have the piece of mind that I am doing the right thing and adapting if necessary to prevent more problems.

I am loving being part of the Luv Fitness Virtual Family

Here is my Daily routine

I start my day listening to Nicks morning talks on the Facebook group, His wise words and motivation get me thinking and usually helps my mood after a bad night sleep with the kids.

I would then jump on the strong class at 7am whilst the kids were having breakfast followed by a protein shake

Throughout the day I try and do a quick 20 minute blast either LUV Cycle or LUV Shred, it keeps my energy levels up.

Iā€™m trying to challenge myself to increase my steps and my water intake. Since starting the feel better for Xmas 8 week challenge, I have spotted my weaknesses and aim to work on them.