You got Questions? We have the Answers….

Fri 16th Oct 2020 by developer

How do I jump on a LIVE class? 

First thing you need to do is download zoom on the device that you will be using, you then need to book onto the LIVE class on the website, 

You will  receive your zoom link and passcode to access the class one hour before the class starts via email (check your junk) also in your account page on the website. 

Show up 5 minutes before the class is about to start with a towel water and equipment if the class needs equipment. 

Last thing ENJOY

I Don’t have any Equipment what Class can I do? 

LUV Boxing and LUV Shred are perfect for little or no equipment, as long as you’ve got a towel and a bottle of water you’re good to go! 

I am a Beginner what Class should I try first?

The 20 minute classes are a great place to start with little or no weight. Remember go at your own pace, you can always go heavier.

How often should I work out? 

That depends on your goals, as well as your recovery needs. If you just crushed a LUV Strong class, your muscles will probably need at least one to two days off, but giving your body time to recover will ultimately help you grow stronger.

How do I Receive my First Headband? 

Once you hit 50 live classes you receive your first warrior headband, then 100 live classes  then 150 classes. 

What Subscription do I need to do for the On-Demand Classes only? 

When she sign up to the monthly or quarterly subscription you will get unlimited access to all on-demand classes so that’s love strong love boxing love shred and love cycle plus all the Live sessions if you can make them

What size Dumbbells would I need for LUV strong? 

This all depends on your personal fitness ability, so if you workout a lot between 3kg and 5kg should be adequate, on the other hand if your a beginner I would recommend 2kg, always listen to your body and increase or decrease where needed.

 How do I cancel my subscription? 

Head over to your account page and go to subscriptions where you can cancel at any time.