I Bought a Bike to Change my Life!

Sun 22nd Nov 2020 by Nick Philips

I decided to buy a Spin bike after months and months of deciding what to do to shift the weight I had gained over the last 3 years!  It was a big gamble for me as I have tried spinning before and hated it…However I have now found myself to love Luv Cycle And being live online with everyone else is giving me purpose and the motivation to shift this gained weight! 

I have been big all my life. And the biggest achievement for me was loosing 10 stone in one year but with this I suffer ongoing issues with my lower back which tries to hold me back at times. 

I went from 22 stones to 12 stones. 44 inch waist to a 34 inch waist in 1 year.

But sadly my weight came back, My goal with the help from the Luv Fitness Instructors is to get back being the Handsome fella in the vest.