Wed 9th Dec 2020 by Nick Philips

Stretching is great for focusing on specific muscle groups right after or before a run, ride, or strength session.

If you’re working out, you need to be stretching, but knowing the right types and length of stretches to do can require a little more knowledge.

Caring for your body before and after a workout is crucial to hitting your next milestone, We often feel like we’re bending over backwards, trying to balance the “perfect” life. 

I’m sure we’d all love to meditate for 3 hours and eat 27 servings of fruit and veg every day. 

But on a more realistic note… a simple 10 minute stretch a few times a week could be life changing for you!You might not realise it, but your body holds emotions.

Stress is not just a mental manifestation, it’s a physical one too and without stretching we can’t release the tension. Overtime this builds up and stores toxins in the body, we become overwhelmed and it starts to hinder us in our daily life. 

Ever had a tension headache before, or felt so stressed and really needed a massage? Exactly! 

Key benefits of stretching:
– Injury prevention
– Increases blood flow
– Improves posture
– Increases flexibility
– Heightened energy
– Releases endorphins
– Improves muscle, joint and tendon function
– Stress relief
– Increases mindfulness
– Improves focus

So if you fancy elongating your spine, stretching your hamstrings and twisting your torso’s please come and join my 30 minute deep stretch. I guarantee you will leave my class feeling taller, longer, more zen and ready to take on the week, because sometimes bending over backwards is a good thing. 

Much LUV, Tori