This hair stylist Never thought she would get her stomach back!

Fri 8th Jan 2021 by Nick Philips

After 19 years I though the bikini look was well and truly gone! 

Oh I was wrong!!

In march I started my Journey with Luv Fitness Studios and fell in LUV with Boxing, Never tried it before So I got my 1.5kg dumbbells out and I was instantly hooked!

As a hair stylist I am on my feet All day and constantly speaking to people which I love…..but sometimes I need a release, my own space where I don’t have to chat to anyone just get myself in the zone and work on ME! 

Boxing & Luvcycle gives me this fix and I Luv it!  

I have the before and after pictures that I wasn’t going to take and I am so glad I did, my food isn’t always as clean as it could be but I feel amazing and thats the main thing especially after the year we have had! 

Preswich Personal Trainer Nick Phillips