Wed 26th Jan 2022 by Nick Philips

Accountability is a word bandied around a lot but let’s unpack what that actually means. Here are some of the benefits of being accountable….


When someone hold you accountable – it focuses you on your goals and that really helps you to become your best self. It puts you through challenges and that teaches you to assume responsibility for your actions.

Improved Performance

When someone holds you accountable and uses criticism positively, your performance most definitely improves.

Measured Progress

Measuring your success and progress is extremely easy with someone else to be accountable to. It highlights your progression since starting out.


With feedback from an accountability partner, you realise how far you have come, and you feel more confident in your abilities. You also gain the confidence to take challenging steps to better your skills.

Diminish or Eliminate Things That Hold You Back

Feedback from an accountability partner gives you an insight into your abilities. Human beings are capable of doing everything they set their minds to, and accountability help you go that extra mile to reach your goals.

Do you need directions on how to get your fitness to the next level?

How likely are you to achieve your fitness goals on your own?

Don’t let yourself down anymore! You need to take action now, or tomorrow’s results will be the same as today.

Accountability is available to YOU:

We’ll make sure you follow the plan. Together, we’ll meet your commitments, goals, and promises you’ve made to yourself.

Do you check in with an accountability partner in any area of your life?

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