Motivation Matters 

Mon 17th Oct 2022 by developer

Motivation! A word that’s endlessly thrown around … ‘I wish I had your motivation’…. ‘You just need to stay motivated’…. ‘I need to find some motivation’… sound familiar? We hear this on a daily basis but what does it actually mean… What is motivation, where does it come from and how do we keep it?

Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors or in simpler terms motivation causes you to act in a way that gets you closer to your goals. 

Everyone has different motivators in life, we are all driven by different things at different stages in life. Whether that driver is financially, succeeding in the workplace or raising our children in the best possible way we know, the end goal is always the same – the willingness to succeed!

So how do you get motivated? Do you start the process with motivation and it stays, or do we become motivated as a result of the process?

For example – do you wake up on Monday with the best motivation to eat well, keep hydrated, get those 3-4 workouts in a week, hit your step goal and prioritise sleep. Or does motivation come as a result of seeing those goals being achieved…?

It’s a combination of both – let me break it down:

Good intentions IS motivation – it’s the motivation to start, to change, to become better, stronger, fitter! That’s the first stage of motivation, the initial fire – that spark! 

Smashing your goals IS motivation – It’s the result of hitting your goals – the more goals you hit, the more motivated you are…. Lifting those heavier weights, noticing your clothes feeling that little bit looser or your mental health improving. The spark continues to grow until it’s a fully fledged fire!

Motivation comes in many forms and guises at many points throughout the process, it’s just about recognising what that motivator is and what it looks like…. Whether it be sparks or full fires, motivation is POWERFUL! 

Now motivation is a funny thing, it’s not always easy to ignite and it doesn’t always stick around (something you can read more about that here but what if motivation is actually a form of discipline. The discipline to stay focused and use that determination as a driver, or is it that we’re simply motivated and driven to get the best results by doing the things we Luv?

If that’s the case, and it’s the latter, then it’s simple – Find what you Luv and let that be your guide, let that be your driver to propel yourself forward to reach your goals. Use that determination to motivate yourself and light a fire like no other. Use discipline as a motivator to keep you on track, use your good intentions to remind yourself of what you started, use those goals as a way of keeping that fire alive to continuously push forward, to smash those goals out of the park and create new goals with new motivation!

Motivation matters if you want to succeed, find that inner motivation and you’ll get there one day at a time – it’s a process! It’s in all of us, you just need to choose to embrace it with discipline, good intentions and go smash those goals!

Big Luv

Team LuvFitness