What happens when the motivation fades..….

Mon 17th Oct 2022 by developer

Motivation is a powerful tool as we’ve explored in our recent blog Motivation Matters , it gives you the focus and fire to achieve your goals and creates discipline. But what happens when that fire fizzles out, how do we reignite it? In this blog we’ll look at what happens when Motivation fades and how to find that match to create that spark again.

People are generally motivated at some point in their life for prolonged periods of time and then that motivation just disappears…. That’s human nature, even the most dedicated and focused people on earth struggle to stay motivated 100% of the time. So the good news is that you’re not alone, but how do you stay motivated consistently?

Even as a glass half kind of full person, you can have off days. We all have periods in life where motivation levels seem low, but the difference between consistently staying motivated and not, is the ability to pick yourself up and carry on, that, and a big bout of discipline! 

Its not always easy, it takes a huge amount of strength and self-belief, but…. If you dust yourself off and get back to focusing on the original goal, your motivation will come back – even through the tough times. You just have to want it enough, you have to want to succeed – after all, that’s what motivation is – the willingness to succeed!

At the start of reaching a goal, motivation can remain high, for example when beginning a fitness journey for weight loss you hit the gym 5 times a week, you do all the right things, you priortise sleep, you balance your nutrition, you hit your steps and the weight seems to come off. Then boom, after a while it plateaus and frustration sets in – how do you stay motivated to still get up and hit the gym at 6am in the morning and consistently hit your daily goals you were once smashing now that they’ve stalled? How do you resist the temptation to hit the snooze button and not drink your body weight in wine? The truth be told – through hard work and discipline. The motivation that drives that discipline is the end goal, achieving what you set out to originally do and reaping the rewards of the success at the end – that should be your driver!

However, just like everyone else there are days when motivation levels are low regardless of whether you are disciplined, focused and committed, factors such as tiredness, nutrition and daily life are key factors which is why these fundamental basics are so important as part of a consistent routine.


But, on these days it’s the willingness to succeed and turning a negative into a positive that will push you forward. What will you regret more, getting up early for a 6am strength class or hitting that snooze button for an additional 30 mins…. And the answer is always the same – choose the first option! No one ever regrets a workout but they miss not working out! No one ever says i wish i didn’t get up this morning and give it my best shot.The feeling of not achieving your goals or feeling guilty for hitting snooze is the far worst outcome of the two.

So, whether you’re springing out of bed to get to a boxing class or literally dragging yourself out of bed to hit a spin class, always keep this in mind – achieving is better than regret! You will thank yourself later in the day for having the strength of mind and moving one step closer to your goals.

Motivation is so important if you want to achieve what you originally set out to do, find something you Luv to help you get there. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses! Keep that end goal in sight at all times and use that vision to motivate you to drive towards them. You’ve got this!

Big Luv

Team LuvFitness