Finding the 25th hour in the day!

Mon 14th Nov 2022 by Nick Philips

Have you ever tried to find that 25th hour in the day? Have you ever wished you could have one more hour so you can squeeze in that workout? 

Juggling work life, home life, a social life and kids is not an easy task and can consume our day from the minute we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Adding time for yourself on top feels like an impossible task so we always put ourselves last. But what if you could find that 25th hour just for you, what if you could find those hours to go to the gym and work on your fitness goals, prioritise yourself and look after you!!..… well you can, and here’s how….


Juggling time is no easy task but it can be done. The 25th hour in the day does exist; you just need to look hard enough for it.

However the 25th hour doesn’t come for nothing, it does require some change! You need to change your current routine or daily habits in order to earn it. Let’s face it, achieving those goals does not come for free so why should the 25th hour. You have to make small sacrifices for it and if you want it badly enough, the sacrifice will seem minimal I promise you.

There are many ways to find the 25th hour but here are the easiest 3 ACTIONS to adapt to. You may read these and think, I can’t change that – not all options suit everyone’s lifestyles, you have to find options that work for you, evaluate your current lifestyle and routine and see where you can save yourself some time.


For those with busy schedules and those that say i cannot squeeze an extra second into my day, ask yourself ‘can i get up one hour earlier?’ Can you get up 1 hour earlier just twice a week? Not everyone has the luxury of springing out of bed at 5am, they may have small children who keep them up in the might, single parents, night shift workers etc… but if you regularly sleep in until 7am and you have the opportunity to get an early morning workout in – then get up 1 HOUR EARLIER and do it! Get those endorphins going by hitting a spin class or or to work on your fitness goals!, it will literally set you up for the day! 


We all love our junk TV, reality programmes and box sets… it’s so easily accessible and so easy to sit down after a full day’s work and binge watch the latest series on Netflix….But what if you chose 2-3 times a week to not spend your evenings glued to the TV and instead you hit your local fitness studio for a killer boxing session or lifted some weights? I can guarantee you would feel more fulfilled, more energised and will have spent your time in a more valuable way! Save those box sets for Saturday evening, commit yourself to doing something productive in the evenings instead of getting square eyes in front of the TV – it will be so worth it, not just for your body but for your mental health too!


This one is slightly trickier to achieve and relies on excellent time management but it can be done – and hey, if you can do Action 1 & Action 2 three to four times a week then you wont need Action 3. But if you do, then here’s some hints and tips to help you cut some time.

Chip away at small tasks to become more efficient, whether thats getting an extra load of washing in on a Friday evening to save you some time on the weekend then DO IT. Or prepping a few nights tea early in the week to buy you that extra hour in the evening later on in the week… Can you do your food shop online and have it delivered to save you up to 2 hours a week? Can you go for a walk while your children are at sports clubs instead of sitting down? There are so many daily tasks we undertake and we just go through the motions, there are some that you will be able to shave some time off if you really plan in advance – like i said earlier, it doesn’t come for free but it can be done.

Finding the balance between busy lifestyles and working on ourselves is never easy, the key is good time management and planning! You only need to make small changes – don’t try to change every routine and every task, if you do that your whole life will end up in chaos – just pick 3 key areas you can save time on and work from there.

You don’t need to find endless hours to work on fitness, a 45 minute class at LuvFitness Studios is sufficient and will give you the full body workout you need! Whether that’s an awesome boxing class, a high intensity spin class or a killer strength and conditioning session – we have everything you need to maximise your time and to ensure you get the best workout possible!

Think you’ve found the 25th hour in the day? Then come join us at LuvFitness Studios where your workout is better than your night out!

Big Luv

Team LuvFitness