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How to build a strong lean body whilst throwing out the punches

Have you always wanted to learn how to box?

Have you ever thought boxing looks good fun?

Are you ready to get fit and learn how to use boxing to build a strong lean body from the comfort of your own home?

It’s time to get them gloves on.

The worlds first LIVE interactive boxing training platform.
Not only will we get you fighting fit we will also coach you into getting that lean body YOU have always wanted!

let’s go Champion


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What is Luv Boxing Club

Whether you’re a professional fighter or a weekend warrior, our stylish UK made freestanding Luv boxing frame and water bag will give you a workout experience like no other!

The frame is easy assembled with no drilling, zero mess and very heavy duty. Our 22″ Water Bag is low impact so kind on the joints, knuckles and wrists with the ability to absorb kinetic energy –  and have that REAL feel.

The Effortless Filling water bags can be filled and drained within minutes, plus you can control how hard or soft your bag is by simply adding more or less water.

Hold yourself accountable with our LIVE Online workouts and have that in- class feel with other boxing Luving fans. With your own personal boxing coach who will have you fighting fit in no time.


I Am Ready To Box Now… 

Cant make the Lives –  No problem get your knock out rounds On Demand Anytime – NEW workouts uploaded Daily.

Access our Boxing, Shred, Strong and Stretch workouts at home from just £39.99 per month ( 14 day free trial Cancel any time)  via mobile, iPad,  laptop or TV.

All levels welcome.

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How to punch your way to a better life

Luv Boxing Club is for all the fighters out there struggling with their own battles and turning to fitness for their release!

We are helping busy parents and entrepreneurs fit working out with that in class feel into there busy lifestyle, which is so convenient and fun…YES I said fun.

Our goal is to carry on helping more individuals find the LUV for fitness so it becomes more of a lifestyle then a chore and there is no better way to keep fit then boxing.

For all the FIGHTERS out there

Boxing workouts are becoming more popular and now SO convenient without stepping foot into an intimidating boxing gym with motivational trainers and music to keep you engaged and sweating till the the last round.

14 Day FREE TRIAL allowing you to try before you buy!

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What our clients are saying...

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The Luv Boxing bag is different to anything else I have worked on, the stand is really sturdy and ideal for my garage gym. There’s loads of space to move around with no awkward movements of the bag like the boxing tube - meaning You can keep punching fast and hard using different combinations this results in a far better cardio workout than any other boxing bag I have used.


Best At-Home Boxing Workouts

I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It barely moves so you can hit it as hard as you want getting the best workout on it. The design is so modern and as it’s freestanding it’s perfect for any environment. It’s just an absolute game changer.


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